Conserving Electricity at Home

Conserving Electricity at Home

Conserving electricity may sound like something that anybody can do simply by switching off lights that are not in use. But do you know that there are other ways in which you can conserve energy, translating into a greater chance of reducing your carbon footprint?

The following are relatively unconventional ways in which you can conserve electricity with a little extra effort, but it will definitely be worth it when you receive your utility bills and find that you have saved much in terms of electricity expense:

1. Run full loads of laundry and dishes. Sometimes we are tempted to run the washing machine and the dishwasher even when they are not filled to capacity, perhaps due to our desire to get the laundry over with or the dishwashing done right after every meal. But if you have a small family, running these appliances at the time you desire may have strong repercussions on your total electric consumption. To save on energy consumption, consider letting the dishes wait for the next meal, and when you get a full load, run the dishwasher then.

2. Consider napping in the same room as your baby or toddler. While child care experts do not exactly like the idea of co-sleeping, especially in light of its becoming a sleep prop and even posing a threat of the baby getting suffocated, you can consider taking a nap with them as a step against global warming. How? You will be sharing air conditioning in only one room, allowing you to shut off or turn down the system in other parts of the house. If you have centralized air conditioning, consider asking your provider if there is a way to switch off the system in parts of the house that are not in use.

3. Save water. Saving water may not sound unconventional, but you can actually save water in many ways: taking a shower instead of baths, installing a faucet with an automatic off system, and opting for a water-efficient toilet should the time come for you to replace your old unit. Essentially, as you save water, you also wind up saving electricity needed to get the water up into your plumbing system.

4. Consider opting for the laptop instead of the TV. While this may strike some nerve in people who need to use their computers for work, trying to keep the television turned off even only one night per week, and opting instead to watch a video on the computer, will actually translate into huge electricity savings in the long run. If you do not want to use your computer for movie-watching, perhaps you can declare a fast from cable TV instead: keep one night each week for movie night, rent a video, and watch only that one movie as a family. Try to make it as special as you possibly can, such as ordering pizza or your favorite takeout food. That way, you will have one day each week wherein the TV is not turned on all night long.

As you consider ways to incorporate these unconventional tips into your home, you will be happy to find that you are realizing great savings in terms of electricity cost, also helping you fight global warming in the process.