Educating Your Children about Global Warming

Educating Your Children about Global Warming

Most people do not realize this but it is our children who will be most affected by the effects of global warming today. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to educate their children about global warming so that they will not commit the same mistakes that the past generations have committed. It may seem difficult at first especially when you do not have any idea where to start, but the truth is, you can start educating your children straight from your home. There are many causes of global warming that come from activities you do at home, so it is just impossible for you not to find any way to teach your children concerning the subject.

1. Explain Global Warming Using Simple Words and Illustration.

While the subject on global warming may be too complicated for a young kid’s mind, there are many ways to help children understand it using simple illustrations. Children as young as four years already have the capacity to understand the concept of cause and effect. Explain to them the things that cause global warming and what their effects to the people, plants, animals, and the entire planet are, using terms they will easily grasp. For example, instead of explaining global warming using scientific terms, tell them that when the earth gets too hot, plants, animals, and even people will die. At the same time, encourage them by telling them that a huge problem as global warming can be solved.

2. Teach Them What They Can Do as Children to Help Fight the Problem.

Once you’ve explained global warming to your children and make them understand that there are many solutions to such a problem, show them next what these solutions are. At the same time, explain to them that as young as they are, their simple contribution can make significant changes that will help save the environment. Some of the things you can teach your children that will help combat global warming include:

A. Encouraging Them to Ride a Bicycle. Let your children know that learning how to ride a bike is more than just learning a hobby or a skill, but is actually something they can do to help minimize the need for riding cars when travelling near distances.

B. Teaching Them How to Plant Trees. Every kid will learn how to plant a tree at some point in his or her life, but not all will understand its real significance. Teach your kids that one of the causes of global warming is deforestation and one way to solve that problem is by planting trees today.

C. Teaching Them the Importance of Recycling.
Most families would simply throw unused objects at home, but in your case, teach your children that recycling and reusing old objects such as clothes, plastic/paper bags, and electronic gadgets will have a significant impact on the environment. Explain most especially what will happen if people will keep on using and throwing plastic materials.

Keeping your children informed is one of the best ways to fight global warming and give them the bright future that they deserve. It doesn’t matter if you start small as long as you can start today, your efforts will go a long way.