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Global Warming

The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln is a book by the biographer and historian Doris Shares Goodwin published in 2005. The book is a portrait of the 16th U. S. President Abraham Lincoln background and some of the men who served with him in his Cabinet from 1861 to 1865. Lincoln has achieved many successful attempts to settle disagreements and political factions on the path to abolition and victory in the US Civil War in accordance to the article. He was a very ambitious and inspired person.

Although many years has passed since Lincoln death but historians are still uncovering new documents with a clearer image of the sixteenth president of the United States as did the author of The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, Doris Goodwin. Goodwin clearly described the stories of Lincoln three opponents In the 1860 presidential nomination Chase, Seward, and Bates to show his intelligence and successful accomplishments compared to all of his three rivals. Even though Lincoln had a complicated background but he was a genius in politics; he studied law including his three rivals.

Before the surprise of winning the presidency, Lincoln ad lost two consecutive contests for the U. S senate. This was the result of hard work in leading up the process of nomination. Subsequently, Lincoln accepted to Join his rivals into his political party. After all his relationship with his rivals became stronger; therefore they became his closest friends. Abraham Lincoln was a great political genius because he was able to deal with the strong personalities of the men in his cabinet. His knowledge of understanding things, compassion, and kindness all attributed to great strength In government and great developments towards the U. S.