Global Warming

Global Warming

Sally : Summary Nobel Lecture on Global Warming Knowing your future is in danger caused by a problem you’ve created, would you solve it? Global warming affects not only yourself, but the whole world. Former Vice President AH Gore has studied the environment for over 30 years. Gore has deep feelings for the Earth and also has great concerns for Its future. His attempts of striving to get the world’s attention for a planetary emergency led him to win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Upon accepting his award he gave a detailed lecture about global warming and its causes, effects, and a plan to solve the carols. Gore Introduces his lecture with the a little history behind the Nobel Prizes. Alfred Nobel began the Nobel Prizes In the sass’s. Seven years before he created the prize he Invented the “Dynamite”, which created negative views upon his name. The Nobel Prize was created for a better Judgment of his name and to serve the cause of peace. The award gave Gore the opportunity to share what he feels Is his purpose, to spread the worlds fate.

Gore expressed the world could have a dangerous fate if we continue to let it. In the thin shell of the atmosphere surrounding our planet we have dumped events million tons of global warming pollution into the earth. That number grows more and more every day. The pollution we put in to the air is attracting more heat from the sun, causing glaciers to melt. The melting glaciers have already affected major cities in North and South America, Asia, and Austria, having massive droughts and almost out of water. Other countries are planning evacuations due to massive floods.

Breakout wildfires forced a half million people out their homes. The extreme increase in temperature has caused tens of thousands of people to lose their lives. Warnings of global warming have been stated for over fifty years, but have yet to take action. One of the first Nobel Prize winners worried about the evaporating coal mines in the air. Calculations of the Earth’s average temperature were recorded by Savant Awareness and the results were if we doubled the amount of carbon dioxide the temperature would increase.

People ignore the dangers of carbon dioxide because we can’t see, smell, or taste it. Gore expresses deeply how we can’t ignore this problem and we still have time to solve it. He states an African proverb that says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ” That proverb meaning if we work as a combined nation, we could get the problem solved. Gore states that inventors should make an engine that’s carbon negative may live In Lagos, Mumble, or Montevideo.

By the beginning of 2010 Gore stresses n organized treaty that will be into effect universal. He urges this plan to move quickly and efficiently throughout the globe. Leaders of state should meet early next year to review accomplishments, addressing, and Improving this carols. To Insure that the treaty Is completed heads of state meets every three months. Gore also comes up with a plan to reduce the output of carbon dioxide by putting a price on carbon and putting a taxed price on carbon dioxide.

He strongly explains that we need an alliance especially with the heaviest countries that balances the earth. The countries that most drastically. In this lecture Gore accepted this award with great honor, but also with great concerns. He used his honor to spread a message worldwide that people still continue to ignore. He called it not only a state, but a planetary emergency. Gore striving to stop global warming, has hoped to get response of “We must act” in this lecture.