Global warming

Global warming

What are people doing to reduce global warming around the world? There are lots of questions that people don’t know about global warming. Global warming has become the big issue for environmental reasons. Corporations and individuals around the world are discussing the dangers of global warming. They are trying to find out ways to fix this problem and come up with a good solution. Global warming has become the most difficult problem that is facing the leaders in this world. Global warming has gotten the attention of many people worldwide.

The government and corporations have debated and talked on these actions. This might be the biggest of any other environmental issue in history. The effect of global warming the environment because of rising heat temperatures and pollution. The effects of global warming create a growing danger for the ecosystem we live In by damaging glaciers, animals, and the environment. The Rising heat temperatures affect the nature of the oceans by harming the food chain and making it unbalanced. As the heat temperatures rise, the water becomes less dense and separates from a nutrient-filled cold layer below.

That will destroy the food chain that and will affect all marine life for survival. A large amount of plants and animals in our oceans need both the right temperature and balance In order to live. When there is plenty of phytoplankton, the color of the water shifts from blue to green. These marine animals remove carbon dioxide and convert It to carbon. (Downside) This makes up for almost half of the Earth’s photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converts it into carbon to oxygen that feeds almost in every ecosystem.

Phytoplankton was dropped down by 190 million tons of carbon each year. Animals that need the right temperature, like Phytoplankton, have started their yearly growth cycle earlier In the season cause of the oceans getting warmer. (RAND) They impact the chain of organisms that depend on them for food. Ever since Phytoplankton Is starting in earlier seasons, the entire food chain is affected. Just cause they are on the bottom of the food chain. As the carbon dioxide levels rise, phytoplankton production is reduced. This leads to be that there will be less ocean plants to destroy this greenhouse gas and can make a big problem.

Animals that once traveled to the surface to find food are now finding an area with no source of nutrients and light creatures are starting their growth cycles at different times. This creates a non- balanced natural environment. (NRC) Global warming’s most devastating effects are on the weather patterns, due to its destruction of balance. The evidence of global warming has rising sea levels and different weather patterns. The cloud cover and severe weather are all caused by the increase of greenhouse gases. The global climate change has been watched and studied for a long time by analyses.

The mummers are longer and hotter. Periods of extreme heat last longer than America has downpours. Some of the parts in the United States are having no rain. This makes the farmers have a rough time growing different or all plants. It can also make the prices of the vegetables sky rocket. Global warming is really real. There is proof and evidence showing that the greenhouse gases and the heat are all getting higher and hotter. Scientists continue to study the effects of climate change. They study on specific categories, like agriculture and water management. “The evidence is clear and growing fast.

The United States sits at the center of the climate crisis. Record heat is devastating crops, rivers are drying up, and storms are bearing down on our cities,” said President of World Resources Institute Dry. Andrew Steer. (NRC) The way to stop global warming is by saving energy and having a cleaner world from recycling and smarter electronics. The people think differently and there are ways we can prevent global warming. Set limits on pollution. Another way is to drive smart cars. This is maybe one of the most important, Just because so many people dive cars and it’s the number one cause of global warming.

This saves a lot of oil and pollution that goes into the atmosphere. Create green homes or buildings. This can be very effective as well by houses being more energy efficient. This might even be saving you money so it’s beneficial to everyone. Refitting every house in the country would cut as much global pollution as taking a half a million cars off the road and would save more oil and gas than we could from drilling in our coastal waters. One more way can be building better communities and transportations. This can be building walk able community near public transportation.

Studies show that a neighborhood where people can walk more is healthier, safer and friendlier. When people can walk to the store, the office, or the movie theater instead of driving, it slows down global warming. Each “smart” community reduces global warming pollution by 20 to 40 percent. (Lobe) Global warming destroys life in the ocean that kills plankton, small fish and turns into a chain reaction. The marine life takes a great part in this. Greenhouse gases that cause global warming. The environment dies cause of the toxins. This has affected mile of ocean on the planet and strongly impacted about 40 recent of marine ecosystems.

Marine mammals are suffering major rises in different illnesses. These types of problems, digestive system, liver disease, reproductive formations, and growth and development issues. The scientist thinks these problems are caused by the toxic in the water and pollution. The Toxins in plankton are eaten by small fish. The small fish then get eaten by larger fish, and then eaten by larger fish. This creates the toxins to reach higher and higher in the food chain, so that it will eventually reach to the humans. Then the humans will get sick and won’t be able o eat fish or anything from the sea, cause its poison.

The animals with the highest level of toxins are bottles dolphin, beluga, Orison’s dolphin, Mediterranean monk seal, harbor seal, common dolphin, gray seal, polar bear, and the Settler’s sea eagle. This all can cause cancer for both animals and humans. Scientist keep finding higher and higher number of toxins in marine animals that have died off and in some species that have decreased in huge numbers. The Beluga whale has been called the most toxic animal in the western hemisphere. The researcher, Daniel Martinets has en studying the rate of cancer among these belugas.

It is higher than any population of marine animals. He has researched fifty belugas that was examined in toxins will destroy the animals and the chain reaction through the years if not stopped. The Arctic animals are in danger due to the melting of the ice caps. This polar bear is being affected by the decrease of the sea ice. This causes the decrease in food and a walking platform for hunting and sleeping. They eat seal, by catching them when the seals pop up from the water. The only problem with that is the seals are decreasing as well. This is caused by the same effects for the polar bears.

Having no ice to rest or reproduce on or eat on. Polar bears have to swim long distances to hunt between areas of ice. The sea ice becomes thinner and disappears, a greater proportion of females make their dens on land. Decreases in the physical condition of females and in reproduction have already been documented, which could lead to an extinction of polar bears. Polar bears are dependent on ice for their survival. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Report in 2005 stated that polar bears are unlikely to survive of summer sea-ice cover.

A result of sea-ice decline, today’s population of about 22,000 polar bears would decrease by two-thirds by 2050. There are other animals like sea turtles that have the same problem. Rising temperatures, rising sea levels and other trends are having an effect on the world’s sea turtles. Some sea turtles are already on the endangered species list. Green turtles, loggerheads, Hawkins’s, and leatherback. All female turtles come ashore on in nesting season. They dig nests in the sand, lay their eggs and then head back to the sea. The rising sea level, erosion can damage the eggs and kill the baby’s.

Climate change affects the reproduction of sea turtles in three ways. First, sea level rise will affect significant nesting beach areas around low-level beaches. Second, rising temperatures increase the chance that the sand temperature will damage the egg shell which is 34 degrees Celsius. Third, rising temperatures destroy the sex ratio toward females because the temperature determines the sex of the egg. Loggerhead turtle nests in Florida are already producing 90 percent females owing to high temperatures. If warming temperatures rises by an additional 1 degree Celsius or more, no males will be reduced there.

That can lead to a big problem cause of the reproduction. Sea turtles have survived over 100 million years. They have survived ice ages and major temperatures. If the weather keeps getting worse the turtles will have to find different spots to lay eggs. (WFM) Air pollution is the atmosphere of chemicals, which cause discomfort, disease, or death to humans, damage other living organisms such as food crops, or damage the natural environment. The pollution in the air is caused by factories that affect the air the people breathe.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse as, is the main pollutant that is warming the Earth. Though living things that breathe in carbon dioxide gets widely considered being a pollutant when associated with cars, planes, power plants, and other human activities that involve the burning of fossil fuels like gasoline. We are breaking down the thin wall of the atmosphere and letting these bad chemicals and gases in. One greenhouse gases include methane. Methane, which comes from swamps and gas. These were used in refrigerants and aerosol propellants until they were banned because of their effect on Earth’s ozone layer.

Another pollutant that involves climate change is sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide and closely related chemicals are known as a cause of acid rain. They also reflect light when released in the atmosphere, which keeps sunlight dioxide into the atmosphere and sometimes causing cooling that lasts for years. We as a world can figure out together to stop global warming and have smarter technology and planet. The debate on global warming is not settled and people are still wondering about it. People may think that global warming is fake, but there is strong evidence saying that it’s not.