Global warming

Global warming

Many clients and researchers are trying to find a way to reduce the heat that the Earth absorbs. But In order to do that, they need to answer one question: What Is the mall cause of global warming. Is It we, humans, or Is It the sun that causes It? Many debates are being held about this topic. Not only that, even documentaries were made about It, Like The Great Global Warming Swindle and The Inconvenient truth. But still, no one knows whether we, humans, causes global warming or the sun.

To ‘normal’ people it sounds like all these scientists and researchers are making a fuss about something so trivial. But is global warming really a trivial matter or, are the people unconscious about the danger of global warming. If you are conscious about it, you will see that the world is changing slowly due to global warming. Ice is melting worldwide, animals have moved to higher and cooler places, precipitation has increased and an increase of insects. But if global warming continues like this, it can become a disaster.

There are possibilities that parts of the world will go under water, because the sea level rises. Floods and drought will occur more often, less fresh water will be available, due to the melting of the ice caps. Not only that, but animal species will be extinct, like the polar bear. Researcher Bill Fraser showed that the numbers of Addle penguins on Antarctica has decreased from 32000 breeding pairs to 11000 in 30 years. If this goes on diseases will be spread over the world by insects. Records has shown that Mars is slightly melting.

In 2005 the data from Anna’s Mars missions showed that the ‘Ice caps’ from carbon dioxide near the south pole of Mars were starting to melt. Habitable Bodhisattva, head of space research at SST. Petersburg Pullout Astronomical Observatory In Russia says that the data from Mars Is the evidence that our global warming Is caused by the sun. He said: “The long-term Increase in solar radiance Is heating both Earth and Mars. ” Habitable Bodhisattva believes that the changes In the sun’s heat clarifies almost all the climate changes on both planets. They both had periodic Ice ages.

Bodhisattva also said: “Man-made greenhouse warming has made a small contribution to the warming seen on Earth In recent years, but It cannot compete with the Increase In solar Radiance. ” But many scientists didn’t agreed with Obdurateness Idea. Colic Wilson, a planetary physicist at England’s Oxford University said: “HIS views are completely at odds with the mainstream eclectic opinion. And they contradict the extensive evidence presented in the most recent EPIC [Intergovernmental Panel on Wisconsin, Madison, added that “the idea Just isn’t supported by the theory or by the observations. The biggest reason why many scientists do not agree with Bodhisattva, is his idea that carbon dioxide has a small influence on the Earth’s climate. “However without the greenhouse effect, life on Earth would be almost impossible, the Earth would be a clump of ice,” said Even, of the University of Wisconsin. And according to solar physicists the sun is emitting less energy for about 4 billion years. However the Earth is getting warmer and warmer, this is called the faint sun paradox.

The reason for this phenomenon is because more of the sun’s heat is being trapped by greenhouse gases. Scientists are now afraid that the amount of carbon dioxide we, humans, are pumping in the air will cause the increase in temperature. The reason scientists believe that global warming is caused by humans, is because they found strong evidence for it. Suck Mbabane and other scientists showed when they were remodeling the climate in 1960 that an increase of CO would cause the lower atmosphere to warm up and the upper atmosphere to warm less.

This hypothesis was kept in mind and virtual climate models showed that this would really happen. The data scientists got when observing showed that this is happening now. In short, both sides has strong arguments for and against their theory, so it’s hard to conclude the main cause of global warming. It’s hard to find the main cause for global warming. It is maybe possible in the future, but how long do we need to wait for? And do we have enough time for it or will it be too late for us. How will the world look like in the future?

Will it be covered with water or will it be as dry as the ground in African countries? How do know whether global warming is caused by humans or the sun when both sides have strong evidence. The only way to prove that the humans or the sun are the main cause of global warming is to do an experiment with two identical Earths, one with the influence of humans and one without. Unfortunately that is impossible, for now, so many scientists are still not confident to say that global warming is entirely our fault.