Global Warming and our Children

Global Warming and our Children

Children these days are better informed on a lot of topics and issues, thanks mostly to computer and the internet. A lot of information is readily available to the kids, information that were not as easily accessible to us when we were their age, and one of the topics that is a cause of concern for the youngsters is global warming. When people (mostly adults) talk about global warming it sounds so complex and quite a huge dilemma but there are kids out there that are as concerned about this as grown-ups are.

When a child as young as eight or ten worries about the future of the environment, then maybe there is still hope for our planet. Yet there are children that are not as well-versed when it comes to this subject but would like to be active and actually be of help. Before they do anything about this so called phenomenon however, what exactly is this global warming and what are its effects on the planet as a whole?

The very first thing that a kid can do to help is to primarily be aware about the subject matter. Knowledge is going to be the first defense against the rising problem of our environment and any child can do with a little enlightenment about this. Imagine yourself living on top of a mountain in a simple hut and it is snowing and freezing cold outside. So you start to build a fire but it is not enough to ward off the cold. So what you do is to make a really large fire by adding more logs until it becomes real warm and toasty inside the hut. You begin to feel the warmth yet over time as the fire gets stronger and warmer you actually feel start to feel hot. If this continues, you just might feel a bit suffocated and find it hard to breathe when the fire bets bigger and hotter.

Now, think of the Earth’s surface temperature getting hotter by each moment that people consume energy everyday. This is what happens in global warming. The rising and gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature through the years will make it harder for us later on to breathe comfortably. While some scientists have said that the Earth has been a witnessed to a cycle of cooling and warming periods, it does not mean that what people have done to the environment did not help in the more rapid increase of the Earth’s surface temperature.

The escalating rate that we burn fossil fuel (which includes oil and coal) and carbon dioxide and methane is one major cause of this phenomenon. The deplorable amount of trees being cut down without replacing them is also a big contributor to this situation. These gases and fuel get trapped in the atmosphere and in turn when the rays of the sun pass through them, it heats up the Earth and a lot of this heat never gets pass the atmosphere but stays within.

There are of course a wide range of effects that this occurrence will bring. One major effect it has is on our climate. The water level of our seas will rise and it may become too much that it will overwhelm low level islands.
Knowing all these would be a huge help to kids who want to do something to alleviate the causes of global warming. Knowledge they say is power and with the correct information kids and adult alike can start helping out save the environment.