Profit Opportunities in Fighting Climate Change

Profit Opportunities in Fighting Climate Change

The convention wisdom about environmental progress is that it’s not profitable, and that many major businesses are going to have to take a hit to the bottom line if we want to fight global warming. But while there is no doubt that some business are going to have to take a hit in the short-term, the overall trajectory of environmental progress is beneficial for business of all sizes, particularly those that specialize in innovation. In fact, for anyone with an enterprising eye, there is actually ample opportunity for economic growth in the climate challenges ahead. Here are a just a few of the opportunities for growth in the anti-global warming movement.

1. Green technology: Currently, the demand for green technologies is still modest, but it’s not always going to be this way. As time goes on, more and more households and business are going to be looking to green energy to help them reduce their emissions and be more efficient. And then there are areas such as energy-efficient vehicles, green agriculture, and green building. In all of these areas, we’re going to need innovators to bring us into the future, and anyone who can fill this role will stand to benefit greatly.

2. Green technicians: Once we have the technologies to make a greener future more possible, we’re going to need people who have expertise with these technologies and can install, service, and repair them. For example, people are going to need professionals to help them home solar and wind power, not to mention other technologies that are currently unforeseeable. Meanwhile, companies that manufacture green technologies are also going to need people who are educated in these field.

3. Agriculture advancements: Whether or not we’re able to fight off global warming completely, some damage has already been done, and it’s clear that the agricultural industry is going to have to work to produce crops more efficiently in order to feed a growing population on water sources that are more scarce. Companies and individuals who can make this happen stand to profit greatly.

4. Investors: No matter what happens with climate change, we can expect to see a major shift in the industrial power structure over the next few decades. Companies that are now huge are going to fade into obscurity as their old technologies become increasingly obsolete, while new startups with innovative ideas are going to rise to the top and become the next big players in global industry. There’s no predicting exactly who will fail and where the next big companies will come from, but anyone with a discerning eye and a smart business sense will be able to profit simply by putting their investments into the right places.

5. Engineers: Technology is going to be big in the future, but we’re also going to need very smart people who know how to build things and shape the landscape. Keep in mind that no matter what happens with climate change, sea levels are bound to rise to some extent, and countries and cities all over the world are going to need people to help rescue them from the flooding that is sure to happen. So if you’re considering career paths, go with engineering—it’s already the most profitable field, and it’s only going to get bigger.