The Internet’s Role in Fighting Global Warming

The Internet’s Role in Fighting Global Warming

With the rising awareness of global warming these recent years, a trend in daily life needs to be celebrated: the onslaught of the Internet. Perhaps you may wonder what the Internet has to do with global warming, and environmentalists may contest this claim because using the Internet uses energy, depleting fossil fuels, and on and on and on. But here are the basic facts about what has happened ever since the Internet has become accessible to nearly everyone on the planet:

1. Information sharing has become much faster and accessible than ever before. This means that anyone wanting to find facts about global warming can now find them at the click of a button. In old days, one had to pay close attention to daily news or research at a library to know whether global warming was indeed happening, but now all this information is at our fingertips. As such we can take necessary action as soon as possible.

2. How-to’s have become much more accessible, too. For example, at the time when today’s adults were still children, wanting to recycle may have been hampered by the lack of technical know-how. Anyone at that time who may have the heart to make recycled paper may not have access to the process; now, any child can see a how-to video about how to make recycled paper, and even equipment and supplies could be easily bought online!

3. Transactions have come to mean less paper. Whereas the popularity of the computer itself may not have solved the paper problem, considering the loads of paper that offices would print out on, the Internet has resolved this issue. Banks now offer online transactions at secure processes, purchases on online stores require virtually no paperwork, and even academic requirements have shifted towards online submissions, reducing the need for a constant supply of paper.

4. The Internet gives us a way to be connected to like-minded individuals across the globe. Whereas, in old days, you can only get together with a handful of friends who also like planting trees, now you can be connected to just about anyone. As such the power to make a difference is heightened, as anyone can leverage on influences that another person may have on a different part of the planet and together form initiatives whose effect are more likely to be felt on a global scale. This makes campaigning for any particular cause much easier. In fact, social networks have helped campaigns reach more ears—and eyes—than ever before.

5. The Internet also allows us to see and appreciate things in nature that we may not have been able to see previously. Although cable TV has helped somewhat in this angle, the World Wide Web is even more dramatic because you can easily search for whatever you want to see and find the results instantly. This gives us a heightened appreciation for the environment, which spells a major difference in the way we live.

Are you surprised to find that a technological advancement actually has a positive effect on an environmental woe? Perhaps, like me, you also frown at the thought of any high-tech invention because it usually indicates a shunning of anything natural. In this case, thankfully, it seems to do the opposite.