Who is the Real Victim of Global Warming?

Who is the Real Victim of Global Warming?

With the destruction our environment is experiencing today, who is the real victim of the situation. Is it the humans or mother earth who is the victim of the situation? There are numerous issues that we are facing now with the effects the environment is presenting us. Are we to blame for what is happening today, or is our surrounding experiencing a natural death? There are many factors we to consider to ascertain what is happening. Knowing what is occurring to our environment is the key to help prevent its depletion.

There are many sources to how global warming began. There are those that’s caused by humans and others which are the effect of the natural course of things.

The effect of our past actions

Through the improvements in technology we are experiencing, our life becomes easier. The bad news is some of our actions and inventions are adding up to what is happening to our environment. Power plants are one of the major contributors to global warming. The product of fossil fuel burning is the greatest contributor to the increase in carbon dioxide in the air.

As more and more plants are being put up, the more our atmosphere becomes worse.

Cars are another cause of these emissions. Compared to the different forms of transportation, cars are viewed as the worse of all.

It is said that fertilizers are another source of global warming. Population growth is another indirect cause of the effect happening to our environment. As the number of people in the world increases, the number of food to be created increases as well. Resulting to more fertilizer used on plants. Research show that fertilizers are known carriers of greenhouse gases. Nitrous oxide is one of the notorious gases that it emits. This mixes with our atmosphere and causes the depletion of our environment.

The continuous cutting of trees is another factor that adds up to the worsening case of our environment. Trees have the natural ability to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. The lesser the number of the trees, the lesser is their ability to reduce the harmful compound in the air. There are also instances were these trees are burned in groups, this again disperses more carbon dioxide in the air.

Hairspray, aerosol and similar products contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These are some of agents of global warming. The more product like this are used, the more harm there is for our atmosphere.

There are numerous factors of our daily activities that contribute to the depletion of our ozone layer. With these factors, it can be said that we endangered nature. The effects that it has contributed are irreversible, so a check on our lifestyle can lessen the victimization of our environment.

Nature’s nature

Known as the center of the universe, the sun is one of the factors that adds up to the effect of global warming. Its warmth has the ability to raise the temperature of the water’s surface and deeper levels. This results to the creation of more greenhouse gases in our surrounding; contributing the thinning ozone layer.

With the continuous increase in temperature, the ice caps are now beginning to melt and this effect can be observed on what’s happening to the North Pole. Aside from the increasing temperature in the sea levels, volcanic activity is another major contributor. Increased temperature makes room for the formation of carbon dioxide, which results to the slow destruction of our environment.

Looking at the two, it can be said that nature and humans contributed to what is occurring to our surrounding now. The natural activity of nature with the man made inventions, the ozone layer is now suffering the effects. Instead of looking for a scapegoat, we should act now and battle the effects of global warming.